Specialty grade coffee (top 3% of all coffee) is far more expensive than low grade, commodity coffees commonly used by large national store brands.

Keep in mind too, as roasters, we also lose 22% - 25% of the weight from drying when coffee is roasted. Hence, a roasters actual cost of green specialty grade coffee, is far above the prices you see in these national store brands.

Factor in high costs and you start to get the picture.

The best value is Discounted (free for Wholesale) shipping options we offer, especially on our Bulk size bags. See the details in the Shipping Policy.

Our coffee is priced by origin so it varies by type. Your better values are 30 oz. size bags or larger. We strive to keep our roasted-on-order gourmet coffee prices reasonable.

Retail prices start at $7.95/lb for Brazilian bulk packages. Consider too our value priced Layer Cake Melange blend.