"Thousands of wholesale and retail coffee fanatics across the USA choose Specialty Java Inc. to provide gourmet specialty coffee, fresh roasted, personally for them. You too can buy with confidence by referencing the hundreds of coffee reviews and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission is to put a smile on your face when you sip our exclusive specialty coffees all to impress you beyond your expectations."

Your Specialty Java Roasters

Specialty Java Inc. roasts at three separate roasting facilities, producing multiple control brands of gourmet specialty coffee, offering optional state-of-the-art private labeling, and a variety of custom roasting/packaging options. The Specialty Java brand, the Jo Coffee brand, and the Kick Coffee brand bagged lines are produced in our hand-crafted micro artisan roastery. Our Eco Sense Coffee brand is produced in our largest roastery. 

With a convenient online ordering system, Specialty Java Inc. fresh roasts their Specialty Java brand gourmet coffee orders then ships them within hours. Located at Lake Waconia MN, Specialty Java Inc. produces gourmet specialty coffee directly to wholesale and retail clients across the USA and through a number of popular subsidiary and private label brands.

Specialty Java Inc. is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, The Roaster's Guild, The Rainforest Alliance and is a Fair Trade Certified Roastery. Each of our roasting plants are USDA Certified Organic facilities.

Each of our coffees are fairly traded whether "Fair Trade Certified" or "Certified Organic" or not. Many small coffee growers around the planet simply cannot afford expensive certification. To reject these valuable farmers would go against the values we hold dearly. We buy only the finest, highest grade specialty green coffee from around the world. 

Before we ever purchase our specialty beans, they have passed the expert analysis and cupping tastes of one of the world's best specialty coffee importers/buyers. We continually experiment with new blends, roasting profiles, and search potential coffee varieties for addition to our offerings. We strive for perfection in every hand-crafted roast.

Besides providing fresh roasted retail and wholesale coffee, Specialty Java Inc. assists independent coffee shops with business development, free private labeling and equipment acquisition.

The founder's (Kevin Kapaun) passion for coffee excellence had roots in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in the early 1980's. Tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, his vision was created to import exclusive coffee beans from around the world. Kevin's hobby of importing and roasting coffee in the late 1990's for friends and family was headed for something bigger. Kevin shared some pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee he roasted with his friend Larry Graham, (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame bass player for Sly & the Family Stone) who then encouraged Kevin to start a coffee roasterie. He was his first customer and the rest is history, as they say.

Our Chief Coffee Roaster and General Manager, Kiry Kuoch, got his start in the coffee industry as a teenager. Starting as a Barista in his Mom's coffee shop, Kiry later joined the nation's second largest coffee chain as a Barista. He rose quickly to become one of their youngest store managers, Barista trainers, and new store-manager trainers. He has a wealth of experience at green coffee buying, cupping, blending and roasting. His skills as a Barista trainer and coffee shop manager make him a valuable asset to our wholesale clients.

Our dedication to roasting perfection reflects our pride in the relationships we've made. Nothing could be more important than our customers.

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