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Insight from our Master Coffee Importer

The AA grade denotes the finest Kenyan coffees available. The main growing areas stretch south from the slopes of Mt. Kenya almost to the capital of Nairobi. This coffee assures brightness, a stoic solid body and smooth winey penetrating flavor. Kenyan coffees are as majestic as the morning African sun rising over the savannah. These are powerful bright coffees that run the gamut from lemony to peppery from blackberry fruit to winey richness. These characteristics come together in an extremely complex coffee that is truly VIBRANT. A great Kenyan is not a subtle delicate coffee but rather a coffee full of power and character.

Suitable to the potential of these great coffees, the best Kenyan coffees are not simply sold as Kenyan coffee, but rather are sold as specific auction lots to the highest bidder. We cup Kenyan over Kenyan to seek out and bid on those specific lots that excel. A decent Kenyan is still a great coffee, but with such high standards and potentials, time at the cupping table pays great dividends.

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