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Commercial Equipment: Espresso Done Right! Browse Consumer Equipment

"As I travel and visit unknown coffee shops around the country, I am shocked how often the espresso I am served, to be frank, is really bad! There are no shortcuts on equipment plus you have to do it correctly to be successful! Drive a Yugo and you will end up obsolete.

I realize you have many equipment options at your disposal. As artisan roasters, our primary goal is to be your preferred roaster for fresh roasted specialty coffee and simply want you to produce a great cup, so your customers are impressed!

I am personally proud to represent Italy's Rancilio Group, one of the world's leading espresso machine manufacturers. You get worry free, nationwide installation and setup with any Rancilio purchase and free espresso of your choice from us too. We are also Authorized Dealers for Bunn commercial brewing and grinding equipment.

Equipment prices listed online are M.S.R.P. which we are required to post. However, we are willing to match a printed quote from any Authorized Distributor for Rancillio products with a combination of a price, installation, delivery and free espresso of your choice. Our goal is to have you select us as your roaster for our, fresh roasted on demand, specialty coffee. We are not an equipment company seeking a long term service contract! This offer is only valid for coffee shops or restaurants.

Take a look at the different models by clicking the links to your left and let me know if you have any questions."

Kevin Kapaun
Chief Coffee Fanatic
Specialty Java Inc.

Rancilio Group: A World Leader In High Performance Espresso Equipment

  • Free Nationwide Delivery!
  • Free On-Site Installation, Setup & Training!
  • Free Espresso Of Your Choice! .

Click the links to the left to review each brand. We list select models from each manufacturer, but all models are available.

Commercial Equipment   

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