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Hawaiian Kona - Extra Fancy - Out of Stock   

Insight from our Master Coffee Importer

This 100% pure Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is bursting with flavor. Very smooth, balanced cup. Hawaiian coffees are grown on new (geologically speaking) volcanic soil in a tropical paradise that is gently cooled by a gentle Kona breeze. These perfect conditions produce a coffee that is equally perfect in many aspects.

Hawaiian coffees are the epitome of balance. Coffee from these lovely islands is clean, mild with a nice hint of milk chocolate, and just enough fruit and acidity to round out the cup.

These are not extreme cups, by any means or measure. Delicate, delicate, delicate is the key, and due to the very limited supply, and thus high prices of Hawaiian coffees, we diligently cup Hawaiians to find that perfect mild cup, and not a cup of blandness that is often paraded as Hawaiian coffee.

A final note here, and I hate to say it, because of my mantra, Quality is in the cup but Hawaiian coffee beans are beautiful when roasted. They roast uniformly, are shaped nicely, just look perfect! Now, I've said it, and I feel a bit ashamed. However, if I ever were to make a roasted coffee display, I would use Hawaiians.

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