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Java Estate (ORG) - Out of Stock   

Java is famous for its smooth body yet has a remarkable brightness which balances the cup. You will notice the deep feel, with just a hint earthiness in the cup, and a striking bittersweet chocolate finish.At a medium dark roast it is very compelling.

The Dutch first brought Arabica coffee trees to the Indonesian islands in the mid-17th century, known then as the Netherlands Indies. Cultivation proved so successful that Java was exported globally and hence Java became a synonym for all types of coffee.

The fourth largest coffee exporter, Indonesia is also a large exporter of the less desirable Robusta coffee beans popular in the blending of commercial supermarket coffees. Currently, Java's production of the preferred Arabica coffee beans accounts for only 10% of total production.

Java's government regulates the export of coffee and forbids Robusta beans to be sold as Java coffee only premium Arabica beans can bear the Java name. Strictly regulated, the best Java beans are grown on a few government-regulated farms, plantations and estates. These estate grown Java coffees are unmatched for aromatic spiciness and rich, smooth, and full-bodied character.

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