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Ethiopian Harrar-Large-40 oz.
    Ethiopian Harrar-Large-40 oz.
    Purchase Ethiopian Harrar-Large-40 oz.
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      Ethiopian Harrar-Large-40 oz.

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    Ethiopian Harrar is fruity with flowery aromas ranging from exotic tea leaves to fresh pungent chocolate spice. Harrar can be a highly variable coffee, from year-to-year and from lot-to-lot. Some years are more tea-like and some are more earthy and heavy.
    Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The regal coffees from this country are deserving of such a heritage and stand up to the calling. Referring to Ethiopia as a country of single origin, however, is misleading. Coffees from the different growing regions vary so incredibly that they do not even seem to be from the same planet!

    Harrars are wild coffees. What's a wild coffee, you ask? The term is a fancy name for dry process or natural coffee where the coffee fruit dries on the bean, imparting the flavors of compote fruit and dark rich chocolate. Harrars are this and more! You will taste blueberry jam, cocoa, and maybe even a touch of cinnamon and cardamom in these amazing coffees.

    Coffee holds a special place in Ethiopian culture that transcends that of the coffees from other origin countries. The majority of the crop does not even leave the country and is drunk with great ceremony by the Ethiopian people. This is in contrast to other origins where coffee is a cash crop, with the best being exported, and the dregs kept locally and drunk unceremoniously with plenty of milk and sugar to choke it down.

    One taste of an excellent Ethiopian coffee and you will understand this passion for the bean.