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Rwandan Cyesha - New!

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The Cup: Notes of Apricot, Lime, Raspberry

This lot comes from Muraho Trading Company's Cyesha Coffee Washing Station in Nyamasheke, Rwanda. Muraho was founded by two brothers, Karthick & Gaudam Anbalagan, who are driven to showcase to the world what Rwanda specialty coffee is all about. Cyesha is their newest washing station, acquired in December 2021.

Coffee from Cyesha is extra special because of the volcanic soil and high altitude, up to 1800 meters above sea level, of the farm. The washing station is also near one of the majestic African Great Lakes, Lake Kivu. The wind flow from the lake through the surrounding hills is ideal for drying coffees. Cyesha upholds the highest of standards to achieve the best quality specialty coffee possible. Only red ripe cherries are received at the station.

Muraho Trading Company takes pride in testing and experimenting with different processing methods. They are proud to be the first company in Rwanda to be given authority from the governing board to produce Natural and Honey coffees back in 2016. This has since paved the way for other producers to do so! In the coming seasons, they are looking forward to processing honeys, anaerobic fully washed and anaerobic naturals at Cyesha Washing Station.

Sourced from: Karongi District, Western Province, Rwanda

Variety: Bourbon

Elevation: 1550 to 1800 meters

Proc. Method: Fully Washed, Patio Drying

Harvest: March - June