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Businesses become successful by building their brand. We become successful by building your brand.

Big or small, your business brand is the vehicle that creates an emotional bond with your customer. Good or bad! In today's competitive world, a compelling brand is critical to promote your identity and bring your customers back again and again. Without differentiation you risk being lost in the crowd. When your brand is tied to an exceptional underlying product, you have the basis to create a track record of solid business growth that can't easily be tumbled.

For the independent, start-up cafe, or Amazon FBA sellers, private label coffee can be a big advantage. For corporate gift programs, fresh roasted coffee is the perfect promotion. When you private label, we simply replace our label with your custom private label, so our gourmet specialty coffee is exclusively branded to your business. We even include your USDA Certified Organic registration for any required private label organic items.

As a Private Label Coffee client big or small, you have 3 roasting plants, multiple brands, and custom production at your disposal. Our photo-quality graphics label printing system can print stunning custom labels on demand.

Take a look at some the options we offer and how to get started below.

Specialty Java Brand: This is most popular for coffee shops and for smaller retail businesses for coffee roasted and packaged in our Micro roastery. Each private labeled CasePak has 8/12 oz bags of fresh roasted coffee. (5 lb Bulk Bags are available) Bags are heat-sealed, contain a one-way degassing valve, are re-sealable, are durable for shipping. We offer over 25+ color/bag choices, quad seal, corner seal and stand up pouch option. See our
Wholesale Coffee page for more details.

Single Serve for K-Cups®: Single serve coffee is the fastest growing segment in the coffee marketplace. Your fresh roasted coffee can be private label packaged into K-Cup® compatible formats by our nearby co-packer. See our Wholesale Coffee page for more details.

If you prefer to fill your own coffee bags to your customer's specs, as an alternative we will provide Standard Wholesale clients 10 free custom printed labels and 10 empty bags with any 25 lb or larger bulk size bag order. This allows you to fill-on-the-fly giving you control over the fill weight of each bag. These bags are the decorative paper-based tin-tie type, available in black or gold.

2. Eco Sense Coffees Brand: Do you need long-term freshness packaging, with no risk of aging inventory? Our Eco Sense Coffees brand might be just the solution. This brand is especially beneficial for packaged coffee resellers such as grocery stores, online retailers, etc. We offer several, eco sustainable, organic, whole bean coffee blends, which are roasted and packaged over in our Large Tier facility. Your coffee is packaged in an industry leading, state-of-the-art system, providing long-term freshness of 1 year or more. Our Eco Sense Coffees subsidiary, could be the perfect solution for your coffee program Click to review or call our subsidiary at 1.855.ECO.JAVA.

3. Mid Tier Private Label Coffee: We offer high volume private label coffee produced in our Mid Tier and Large Tier roasteries, with wholesale pricing to established businesses.

Our Mid Tier roastery requires a minimum of 120 lbs per SKU. We offer a wide variety of packaging and private label options including fractional or filter packs, along with typical 12 oz., 2 lb, and 5 lb sizes and everything in between.

4. Large Tier Private Label Coffee:  For very large clients, ($500,000.00+ annual purchasing) we offer a wide variety of packaging and private label options including fractional, single serve for K-Cup® brewers, along with typical 12 oz., 2 lb, and 4 lb sizes and everything in between. Our large plant features a unique packaging system that removes oxygen (the enemy of coffee) leaving only nitrogen to offer long-term freshness for 12 months. Allow 28 days for production after you supply your finished graphics

5. Fundraisers: We have a very compelling, successful  coffee fundraiser program using our Jo Coffee brand for schools, clubs, civic organizations, etc. The eye-catching brand sells itself. In addition to traditional door-to-door offline campaigns, our fundraiser programs provide you your own free customized online presence and printable sales literature/order forms. Sellers can promote to their own Facebook, Twitter and email friends & family anywhere in the U.S. and we will deliver to their door.  We can even add your organization's logo to each coffee package. Learn more and apply at: Jo Coffee Fundraisers or call 1.855.ONE.JAVA or 1.888.586.JAVA.

How To Get Started: Please review the Private Label Coffee Brochure then click Apply.

You will need to supply us with your edge-to-edge complete label file, with all the required information. We will email you a file describing graphic art file requirements. Once we approve your art files you are ready to go.

Download Private Label Coffee Brochure

For private label questions, please call 1.888.586.JAVA x102 or use Contact Us.

K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc.
Specialty Java Inc. is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc.

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Private Label Coffee

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