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About Us

It Starts Here

We source only the finest, top 2% specialty grade Arabica green coffee, from around the world. Before we ever import our specialty coffee beans, they have passed the expert analysis and cupping palates of one of the world's best specialty coffee importers. The green coffee we source and purchase is far more expensive than lower grade coffee. Many large national brands, use a lower so-called "premium" grade coffee, a term common (a bit misleading) in the coffee industry. We simply avoid cheap, low grade coffees, which contributes to our highly rated and popular specialty coffee.

In Pursuit of Perfection

Not all coffee is created equal. We are first and foremost artisan craft roasters and strive for perfection in every hand-crafted artisan roast. While we may be very proud of our coffee, at the end of the day, it is the opinion of the consumer that actually matters most. In today's world, consumers vote with their online reviews. For instance, one of our wholesale coffee shop clients was voted by their own customers, in a CBS/WCCO TV online poll, as the "Best Coffee Shop" in the entire state. Our own trademarked Jo Coffee® brand has become one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands nationwide, with over 10000+ Five Star coffee reviews. Consumers always respond to high quality.

Our Specialty Coffee

Specialty Java Inc. fresh roasts then ships within hours specialty coffee directly to consumers and to hundreds of wholesale coffee clients across the USA such as coffee shops, cafes, bistros, grocers and retailers. Specialty Java Inc. offers free, state-of-the-art private labeling, and a variety of custom roasting/packaging options. Besides providing fresh roasted coffee to retail and wholesale coffee customers, Specialty Java Inc. assists independent coffee shops with business and private label coffee development. One of our private label coffee clients has grown to over 6,000 packages per month just on Amazon alone!

Certifications & Compliance

Specialty Java Inc. is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and our Roast Masters are members of the Roaster's Guild (2016 Roaster's Challenge Winning Team!!!) Our roasting facilities are registered FDA, FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act 2017) compliant, with FSPCA (Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance) Certified PCQI personnel on-staff, and we practice gluten-free production. We are also annually audited for our USDA Certified Organic and cRc Kosher Certified compliance. Each of our coffees are fairly traded whether "Fair Trade Certified" or "Certified Organic" or not. Many small coffee growers around the planet simply cannot afford expensive certification. To reject these valuable farmers would go against the values we hold dearly. Founded in 2002, Specialty Java Inc. is a privately held Minnesota corporation with corporate financing underwritten by U.S. Bank. Our highly-rated bank references are available to prospective business customers.

10000+ Coffee Reviews

Consumer's opinions about our specialty coffee is what really counts. Our trademarked Jo Coffee« brand is now one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands nationwide, with 10000+ Five Star coffee reviews. Amazon's open-door policy for artisan brands has been a huge game-changer for our business. In Amazon's open-market format, high quality products rise to the top. Because of our phenomenal success on Amazon, we are truly blessed to be able to choose to work only with select and fair distributors in other markets. Amazon's customer-centric model has changed the world, and the big chains are taking notice! Visit our Jo Coffee website.

How We Began

We do not even have a sales staff. We are truly blessed to have grown by quality, reputation, and word-of-mouth referrals. The founder's (Kevin Kapaun) passion for coffee started as a hobby, home roasting coffee for friends and family, but was headed for something a bit larger. He roasted some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for his friends, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame bass player Larry Graham and his wife Tina, as an anniversary present. Larry said "creating coffee is your art" and encouraged Kevin to start a roastery. He was his first customer. Today, in addition to an artisan micro roastery, Specialty Java Inc. produces several in-house brands plus many private label coffee brands in multiple roasting plants.