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High Demand. High Satisfaction. 40% Profit Our Jo Coffee brand fundraisers are one of the most successful for schools and other civic organizations. Both traditionalal face-to-face and contact-free online ordering for your Customers and your Team Members gives you the tools you need. Your customers and supporters will think of you with a smile with every sip they take! Click for more information and to inquire. MORE INFO People Need Coffee Drinking a cup of coffee is a cherished ritual. The consumption of specialty coffee in the United States continues to grow and according to a Core Research Study, 86% of households now purchase coffee for home brewing. If you are going to sell a product for a fundraiser, sell something people desire. It's time to move beyond candy and cookies! MORE INFO 15,000+ Coffee Reviews Easy proven fundraising! With over 15,000 five star coffee reviews, our Jo Coffee brand is one of Amazon's highest rated certified organic coffee brands. Consumers respond to high quality. You can be confident that your fundraiser supporters will feel the same about our Jo Coffee brand for your own coffee fundraiser! This is the perfect fundraiser for schools, teams, or civic organizations. MORE INFO