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15,000+ Positive Coffee Reviews Proven Consumer Satisfaction Not all coffee is created equal. Our fresh roasted specialty coffee has become one of the highest rated organic coffee brands, with over 15,000+ positive coffee reviews by end-consumers. In addition, one of our coffee shop clients was voted by their customers as the "Best Coffee Shop" in the entire state. Experience the difference with Specialty Java's highly rated coffee! Our Specialty Java™ Brand Before we launched our wildly popular Jo Coffee® brand in 2013 on Amazon, we collected coffee reviews for our Specialty Java brand in an off-line file. With the phenomenal success of our Jo Coffee® brand and Amazon's rating system, we encourage you to read reviews for the Jo Coffee® Amazon store. SHOP SPECIALTY JAVA Our Jo Coffee® Brand Jo Coffee products are simply 10 of our most popular fresh roasted USDA Certified Organic coffees, but packaged with our trademarked Jo Coffee label. Our Jo Coffee® brand is now one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands in the United States with over 15,000+ five star coffee reviews. SEE AMAZON REVIEWS