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Wholesale Programs

Standard Wholesale Program

All of our Specialty Java coffees are produced in our smallest artisan, hand-craft micro roastery. Wholesale coffee orders (any combo 5 lb Bulk Bags or 8/12 oz CasePaks) will be fresh roasted then shipped within hours during weekdays. Retail prices are displayed online on this website by default. Discounted wholesale prices and additional volume discounts for Standard Wholesale Accounts will only display after we approve your account, allowing you to order directly online. Standard Wholesale Accounts small minimum of 25 lbs, includes free shipping and optional free private labeling for brick & mortar businesses, with any combination of coffees. The Standard Wholesale Program is not available to online-only retailers. See our Custom Wholesale Program below.

5 Day Wholesale Program

Our 5 Day Wholesale Accounts offer very significant cost savings. The 5 Day Wholesale Account is ideal for coffee business that have a little larger volume and are able to plan ahead. This wholesale coffee account simply allows us 5 business days lead time to slot your wholesale coffee order for roasting, then still shipping it within hours. It has higher 60 lb minimums with any combo of 5 lb Bulk Bag or 8/12 oz CasePaks. Pricing for this wholesale program does not include free shipping but does include optional free private labeling for brick & mortar businesses. The incentive is to order in larger volume, thus minimizing your shipping costs per lb/unit. Discounted wholesale prices will only display online after we approve your account. The 5 Day Wholesale Program is not available to online-only retailers. See our Custom Wholesale Program below.

Custom Wholesale Program

Our Custom Wholesale Account program offers the lowest prices. It offers a wide variety of packaging options including private label coffee packaging, packaging materials, package sizes, ground coffee fractional portion packs, filter packs, single serve for Keurig K-cups and pods, and multi-pound bulk bags. Best suited for well established distributors, large grocery stores, large brick & mortar retailers, online retailers, corporate office coffee service, or multi-store high volume restaurants/hotels seeking wholesale coffee. Minimums range from 120 lbs per SKU to 600 lbs per SKU, depending on your specific packaging format requirements. Small startup brands, without an established strong distribution channel, are usually not a fit initially for our Custom Wholesale Program.

Jo Coffee® Wholesale Program

Our Jo Coffee product line is simply 10 of our exclusive Certified Organic coffees, produced and packaged with the Jo Coffee label. This wholesale program is perfect for the office coffee buyer and upscale food service manager. You can purchase 2 lb, 12 oz, plus eco-friendly single serve at on our Jo Coffee website immediately, with free shipping. No account is needed. Branded Jo Coffee posters & signage are available for businesses. If you want ground portion pack or 5 lb Bulk bag packaging with the Jo Coffee label please contact us.