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Mexican Chiapas (ORG)-Large-40 oz.
Mexican Chiapas (ORG)-Large-40 oz.

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 40
Price: $31.16
Whole Bean or Grind?:

Insight from our Master Coffee Importer

Mexican coffees are light to medium body with mild acidity and balanced, with delicate fruit and spice overtones. Mexican coffee is moderately priced and thus very popular in blends and as a flavoring base. But don't let this make you think that Mexican coffee does not stand on its own as good coffee!

Oaxaca on the southern Mexican Pacific coast produces some wonderful medium body coffees with milk chocolate and almond flavors coming through in the finish. These delicate well-balanced coffees can compare with certain Island coffees in the cup. (Though this would make some of these Island fans blanch, it can be true in an exceptional cup)

Chiapas, the tropical jungle that is the most southern eastern part of Mexico, borders with Guatemala. Chiapas is the coffee little brother of Guatemala's Hue Hue Tenango region, and this comes through in the cup. Chiapian coffees are brighter, sweeter, with a definite clove spice to compliment the apricot fruit that is in the cup. We love this area, and have recently purchased the entire crop from a few limited fincas (farms) that were outstanding on the cupping table. After waking at the farm, listening to the waterfall, and walking among the trees, we had to re-cup this coffee back at home just to be sure the wonderful surroundings did not cloud our view.

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