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Burundi Kayanza Bourbon- New!

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The Cup: Intense caramel with cooked papaya, clove, and mild panela flavors. Lots of tart malic acidity and syrupy sweetness

Bourbon coffees a Typica-related variety that is the result of a natural mutation of Typica-derivative coffees cultivated in Yemen and transplanted to Île Bourbon (now called Réunion Island).

Masha washing station in Kayanza Burundi accepts coffee from over 3200 local farmers. Each producer has only 297 trees on average on roughly .11 hectares of land. These small-holder farmers are reliant upon coffee for their livelihood.

The name Masha is derived from the Kirundi word “amasho” meaning “herds of cattle”. The sub-hill has been a cross road for many herds in the region and many of the local herders even have a unique greeting for each other, used only in these parts which is appropriate considering that 70% of them own cows. They will say “gira amasho” towards one another meaning owner of cows and the abundance of cattle was even a reason for many Kings fighting over the territory in order to claim ownership over the vast herds of livestock.

Farm: Masha


Region: Kayanza, Burundi

Harvest: March– July

Elevation: 1672 MASL

Process: Washed