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The Cup: Notes of Black Cherry, Brown Sugar and Milk Chocolate

This coffee comes to us from a group of 35 small specialty coffee producers that are members of APROCAFE.  Founded in 1999, APROCAFE has since been dedicated to ecological and Fair Trade certified coffee production.

Since 2018, APROCAFE has been involved in a new agrotourism project.  As part of this project, visitors can tour the farms of these specialty coffee producers and even take part in some of the agricultural work, such as harvesting, pulping, drying, etc.  This project is exclusively designed and managed by the young coffee producers of APROCAFE.

The specialty coffee producers hand pick their ripe cherries and deliver it to the APROCAFE association.  Once received, the cherries go through a selection process before moving on to pulping.  The cherries are machine pulped and then placed in wooden trays for 12-15 hours for fermentation.  Post fermentation, they are washed and dried in the sun.  Once dried, the coffee bean is placed in clean sacks and prepared for export.

: Arabica (Hybrid of Timor)

Region: Caranavi Province, Bolivia

Harvest: April - September

Elevation: 1200 to 1600 meters

Process: Fully Washed, Patio Drying