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Timor (ORG)

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The Cup: Notes of Dark Chocolate, Nutmeg and Cashew

Our Organic Timor comes from the towns Aileu, Ermera, and Liquica in Timor. They are home to 2,172 farmers who are all part of Cooperativa Haburas Kafe Organiku. Each farm averages a bit over a hectare of land each, with an altitude of 1,000-1,400 meters above sea level.

This co-op was started with a culmination of farmers under a Technical Assistance grant project which was funded by Asia Development Bank. 4200 farmers were organized into groups and trained for three years on topics such as pre- and post-harvest practices, nursery management, gender sensitivity, financial literacy, among others.

This was organized under the hopes that this cooperative—which is both fair trade and organic certified would support rehabilitation, rejuvenation, and quality improvements as time went on. The dedicated, well trained, motivated farmers truly make this coffee special as they work hard to make significant improvements in quality and quantity in the upcoming years.

Sourced From: Timor

Elevation: 1000 to 1400 meters

Varietals: Hibrido de Timor

Process: Fully Washed

Harvest: May - October