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Jamaican Blue Mountain

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Jamaican Blue Mountain fits the Island coffee profile (Hawaiian, St. Helena, Puerto Rico) of balanced, rich, delicate, and mild. We insure the delicate flavors are preserved by nurturing the roast to the point of just touching the 2nd crack. JBM should never be dark roasted.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after and consistently the highest priced coffee in the world. With raw prices up to 20 times regular coffee, there is a very strict certification program to insure that if you buy Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee you get Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. If you want Jamaican Blue Mountain, you won't be getting any discounts from the Jamaicans and if you're getting discounts, you're not getting authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Sometimes you will see Jamaican High Mountain coffee. High Mountain is coffee grown outside of the Blue Mountain region, and thus, does not carry the Blue Mountain name. The major producers of 100% Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain are Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Old Tavern Estate, Jamaican Farmers Association, Moy Hall. We cup and choose from these elite sources only for certified authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee..

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee comes in wooden barrels rather than in the familiar burlap bags, and most of the barrels go straight from Jamaica to Japan, where the coffee fetches a very high premium.

Is the price of this coffee worth it? It's kind of a relative question, as in what makes a diamond worth so much? Very desirable characteristics, rarity in supply, plus high demand.