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Layer Cake Melange

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Wine enthusiasts are familiar with Layer Cake wine, a mixture of many wines. We at Specialty Java Inc. were inspired by Jayson Woodbridge's (Woodbridge Winery) quest to craft wines that are stunningly good, yet very affordable; exquisite wines that can be enjoyed every day. In the wine world, the name “Layer Cake is a symbol of something handmade with care. Jayson's grandfather told him wine was like his grandmother's delicious layer cake. Layers of chocolate, mocha, dark berry fruit and spices, just like grandmother's layer cake. 'Never pass up a good Layer Cake' his grandfather would say. You can experience one of THE most complex cups of gourmet specialty coffee. Our Layer Cake Melange is created by, mixing many (sometimes 10 - 15+) single origin Arabica coffee beans together, to create a truly one-of-a-kind blend. In our micro coffee roastery we produce extra coffee for each and every batch of our roast-on-order gourmet specialty coffees. The reason is we need to have sufficient quantity of fresh roasted coffee to fill all the bags for each day┬’s orders. We discovered, when mixing all these different coffees together, the resulting mosaic was a stunning, complex, rich cup of coffee. “Layer Cake Melange” was born! We collect these excess coffee beans, then create and release batches of “Layer Cake Melange” regularly. The vast majority of each batch will be organicially grown coffees. Since it may not all be organic we don't apply a USDA Certified Organic label to the package. Each new batch will be a unique experience of Layer Cake Melange. We also pass on our lower cost of production for this process providing you this luxury at a great value, still with our Fresh Guarantee. Keep in mind if a batch sells out quickly, be patient and check back, as a new batch will be forthcoming.