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Fair Trade Organics (ORG)
Single Origin Varietals
   Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima (ORG)
   Brazil Natural Cerrado
   Colombian Santa Barbara Estate
   Colombian Sierra Nevada (ORG)
   Costa Rican Terrazu
   Ethiopian Harrar
   Ethiopian Yergacheffe (ORG
   Ethiopian Natural Sidamo
   Guatemalan (ORG)
   Hawaiian Kona - Extra Fancy
   Honduran Marcala (ORG) Temporarily out of Stock
   Java Estate (ORG)
   Kenyan AA
   Mexican Chiapas (ORG)
   Nicaraguan (ORG)
   Burundi Kanovera Bourbon - Coming Soon
   Sumatra Mandheling Harimau Tiger
   Sumatran Ketiera (ORG)
   Tanzanian Peaberry
   Colombia San Adolfo Pink Bourbon - New
   Bali Blue Moon (ORG)
   Papua New Guinea Keto Tapasi (ORG) - New!
   Ethiopian Shakiso Kayon Heirloom (ORG) - New!
   Colombia Finca El Faldon - New!
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Layer Cake Melange (ORG)


We offer single origin coffees to give our passionate coffee lovers the opportunity to experience coffees from a single region, cooperative, farm or estate. Getting to know the differences of coffees from around the world is a wonderful journey. It also provides the basis to appreciate the complexities of our Exclusive Blends category, where we combine various single origin coffees to create a completely unique taste profile. Look at the sub-catetory list to your left.


Single Origin Varietals   

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